We accept credit/debit cards and our shop is 100% secure with full PCI compliance, so please purchase with confidence.  

We accept many payment methods including Credit and Debit cards and Paypal. For further details, please view our Terms and Conditions.

I have a Paypal account, what do I do?

If you have a Paypal online account  then you can simply pay for your item straight away. All links will be available on the checkout system.

I do not have a Paypal but I have my Credit/Debit card, what do I do?

From the payment’s list choose “pay via credit or debit card online”. You then simply enter your card details to complete the transaction and for your order to be placed. 

I would like to send a cheque/postal order what do i do?

We do not accept cheque/postal order at the moment, please use other payment methods available.

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