Mary Madeleine – France – 25528

From my birth I suffered a significant loss of hair. Following personal research on the internet I discovered Johairba anti-fall that I could buy a few steps from home. Spectacular result after a course of 9 months my hair no longer broke, had grown and was in great shape. Thank you Johairba I highly recommend to all.

Vincent – Canada

Impressive, well-priced if bought in the 12 or 24 month packages equating to 20 euros per month. With Johairba, I could replace minoxidil shampoo and furterer gellule mutivitamine. I do not think I completely regained all of my hair lost to alopecia but in 18 months of use I regained much of my hair lost over the last 3 years. Thank you Johairba and your team for quality products and support.

Patrice – France – 14230

For several years I was losing my hair. On a friend’s advice, I tried Johairba anti-fall and after 12 months of use the result is surprising, less patchy and my hair is thicker. I could not believe it, now I am convinced and recommend to anyone who is experiencing similar issues.

Isabelle – France – 78000

After several very tiring winters, I began to lose my hair by the handful! With the advice of my pharmacist, I tried the 12 month course and the result is amazing! I have no more hair loss!!! Johairba thank you…

Maxime – France – 92000

My hair is maintained well. I am satisfied, I am reassured, my hair loss has stopped and it feels stronger.

Elise – France – 69003

I have been using the Johairba serum and fortifying shampoo for the last 4 and a half months and I have found that after the first few weeks my hair loss has almost stopped (from what I had been losing before).I still do not see too many results concerning the regrowth of my hair but since I lose much less, I gain slightly more volume. I hope that it will intensify in my several months remaining of the treatment.

catherine – France – 69100

I am 48 years old and after a violent emotional shock I was losing my hair thickness. With a single 5-month treatment the hair-fall has stopped and above all I found my hair nice and shiny and strong. Thank you UK hair solutions. Frankly this is the best anti-fall hair product I’ve found on the market. Catherine.

Viviane – France – 69150

I must admit that I am absolutely delighted with your product. I lose less hair and I also find my hair more beautiful. It is brighter, healthier and thicker. It is now six months into the treatment, and I say thank you UK hair solutions and your support, try like me you will not be disappointed. Viviane

Helene – France – 85100

I have just ordered my course of 3 months. I’ll keep you posted on the evolutions of my hair. Reading the testimonials, I am very optimistic!

Nathalie – France – 13220

I have been losing my hair gradually for a number of years now, however I was not overly worried until the day my hairdresser told me that it was beginning to become dramatic. So I bought a course of 3 months Johairba serum. No great results early on, so I began a sixth month treatment after. The result has been amazing, I cannot find a single hair on the ground or in my sinks; my hairdresser has noticed too. I highly recommend!

spatula – 17490

I have had several years of serious hair loss and started to become quite afraid of this. As a precaution, I used Johairba anti-fall serum in addition to the fortifying shampoo. My hair loss has decreased by 60% I am delighted and satisfied! My husband is also happy, because my hair no longer clogs the sink pipes! I am trying with my grandmother once a week also 🙂 I’ll let you know, thank you.

Jean Paul – France – 13600

I am 58 years old and I have been self-conscious of an area of thin hair on the top on my head for some time yet. I tried UK Hair solutions Johairba serum for 3 months and the results are impressive. regrowth on this patch, and we can hardly see the scalp. I continue my treatment with joy, and I look at the progress every day in the mirror. Johairba thank you for giving me hope.

Laurence – France – 71380

About 5 months ago, I made a testimony by explaining that I would use the Johairba serum under special conditions since I was going to have radiation therapy and chemo. Unfortunately for me the chemo is stronger than Johairba but I could see its effectiveness before my chemo treatment. I had a pretty substantial hair loss due to stress and various injections and infusions during my operation.

Francis – Canada

I was so scared to find myself like my father, with Johairba my hair loss has halted, and I feel healthy!

Ahmed 79100

My hair loss was quickly stopped with the treatment. Today, after 6 months, they are brilliant and so much thicker!

Benois – Geneve

Your products are wonderful, I couldn’t do without them, and then they feel great 

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